Monday, February 8, 2016

February Goals

I'm not too sure if ya'll know this about me- but I have a slight (okay maybe huge...) obsession with notebooks and making lists. I make lists for everything. Groceries, shopping list, things to do, blogging goals, possible topic lists, the list goes on and on. A lot of time I create lists and don't follow through, so what better way to stay accountable by letting thousands of people read this post?

I'm still in the beginning stages of my blog and thus a lot of goals are reader-related. Getting loyal followers and making new friends are my main concerns for February! I'll probably add more to this list as the month progresses but for now, I only have 7 goals.

1) 4,000 Instagram followers. 

Right now I'm at 2,891. On a totally un-related note, want to follow an *awesome* blog dedicated to fashion and lifestyle (and see a lot of pictures of my puppy, Tucker) then go ahead and follow me here!

2) 250 Twitter followers

Right now I'm at 75, and considering I started my twitter only a week ago, I'm pretty proud! Follow me here! I just posted a super cool tweet on how to get a free Chipotle burrito (but you'll have to follow me to see it ;) )

3) 500 Facebook "Likes"

My blog facebook is also something that I just recently started up, maybe a month or so ago. I'm currently at 234 likes, like it here!

4) Post 12 times in the month

I think this is the thing I'll struggle with the most. Sometimes I can crank out posts every day, and other times it takes me about a week to write a single one. It's all about balance, and learning to space it out! 

5) Host a giveaway!

I actually l o v e doing giveaways because not only is it super fun, but I get to build awesome relationships with bloggers/shop owners! Want to collaborate on a giveaway post with me? Email me at

6) 300 Pinterest followers

When Pinterest first came out, I pinned literally anything and everything. I had the most generic boards in the world, and everything was a complete mess. It defeated the purpose of pinterest because I could never find the things I actually wanted to find because there no rhyme or reason to anything. I decided to completely revamp my boards and have them be very specific! I post about anything that catches my fancy- Home decor, DIY, weddings, funny Tumblr posts, great recipes, the list goes on and on! I'm currently at 234, so go and ahead and follow me here!

7) 50 Blog Lovin' followers.

I just discovered blog lovin' recently and I'm. in. love. It makes it so easy to find all of my favorite blog's newest posts without having to bookmark all of their pages. I'm currently at 26, so follow me here!

Okay, that's it for now everyone! I'm sure I'll be adding more to the list as the days go on, but for now, what are your February goals? Write them in the comment box below! 


  1. so wierd i just did a post about my obsession with lists lol glad someone else is out there

  2. Ooh! I love this idea! I can't wait to see you reach your goals!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  3. WHOA trying to reach 4k followers is going to be hard but you can totally do it. Hosting giveaways help for sure.

  4. Love the idea of monthly goals! Good luck this month!!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink