Thursday, January 28, 2016

Valentines day dates that wont break the bank

I've been with my beau, Dan, for almost 3 years now. That means 6 birthdays, 3 christmas's, 3 anniversary, 3 valentines days. That's a lot of different dates! It can get hard to come up with different ideas, it feels like we've done everything! We became very creative at planning unusual dates. So, I decided to compile a list of dates (some we've tried, some we haven't) for those of your looking to do something outside of the box.

1) Go to a cheesy, sappy love movie.
This probably seems like something you'd never do on Valentines day, but trust me it can be really fun! There are always a ton of those sappy movies out on Valentines day. If you're lucky, you'll live by one of those lounge theaters where you can cuddle up without having to reach over those uncomfortable arms! Get a huge popcorn and a slushy to share, and sneak in some candy. You can feast on yummy foods while getting a good laugh in.

2) Have an indoor picnic.
Get a blanket, a bottle of your favorite wine (for me, Moscato) and a bunch of finger foods. You can make them yourself or get them from your local grocery store. I'm always a big fan of finger sandwiches and dessert, lots of dessert. Put on a fun movie and you'll have fun for hours!

3) Rent bikes and spend the day riding around the city.
In most cities they have bikes you can rent by the hour and it can be a really cool way to explore places of the city you wouldn't normally go. It's even more fun if you can get those tandem bikes! You'll look like a total tourist, but hey, every once in a while it's fun to play the tourist.

4) Find a scavenger hunt in your city
In a lot of big cities you can find pre-determined scavenger hunts that lead to you a bunch of different sight seeing spots. I always like to try to get a group to go because then you can race against each other and see who has the best time. Then you can go and grab a bite to eat at a cute little cafe at the end.

5) Go play with puppies (and adopt one!)
No matter where you live there should be a humane society around you. Grab your beau and go take a few for a walk. Not only will the dogs love it, maybe you'll fall in love and adopt your very own dog! Adopting a dog was the best decision I've ever made, I talk about it more in depth in this post. Plus, everyone knows that playing with puppies and kitties makes everyone happy!

Now you have 5 (basically) free Valentines day dates! Another small thing Dan and I love to do is go and grab fro-yo (or whatever version is close by us). Tell me, what's your favorite free date?


  1. These are such great ideas, I'll definitely be trying to do now of these this year :)

  2. Wonderful post. Love all these ideas :)

  3. Having a few inexpensive dates ideas always helps when you're on a budget. You can make that movie date even cheaper by renting the movie and cuddling up at home.

  4. Love the scavenger hunt idea! So cute! These are great ideas. Although it is nice to receive / gift expensive gifts, I always think it is more meaningful to get creative and do something that doesn't necessary have to cost a whole lot!

    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  5. I riding bikes and the indoor picnic sound awesome.

  6. Hey I loved these ideas! Sharing to my socials tomorrow :) Happy Wednesday! ~ These are super helpful to me as well, thank you!

  7. I'm loving all these ideas. I would love to go play with puppies and adopt one but my apartment won't let me have dogs. Lol