Saturday, January 9, 2016

A blogger's best friend

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is the extensive network of friends I've made while doing so. Someone's always there to offer a comforting hand, a piece of advice, and even some constructive criticism. Blogging can be hard, especially with all of the pressure to be "Instagram famous" and it can definitely make you consider quitting (I should know- I took a 4  month hiatus because it was taking over my life) But then you find friends in all this mess, and it makes it all worth while. I took to my blogger network and asked for some girls to answer some questions about what it means to be a blogger, and any advice they might have.

Meet Jenny! The Blogger behind Breakfast at Lilly's. You can find her website here! Jenny works in digital marketing by day, and is a grad student and blogger by night. She enjoys reading, adventures, music, hanging out with friends, and writing. You can find her on Instagram at @Breakfastatlillys.

Meet Katie, the blogger behind Sugar Spice and Sparkle! You can find her website here! She's a classic "girly girl" except that she also's an engineer!  She started Sugar Spice and Sparkle as a way to connect with other girls who love the same things she does and as a creative outlet after working highly technical days at work. In 2015 she graduated college and became a wife, so follow along as she figures out how to star stylish and become an adult all at the same time! You can find her on Instagram at @sugarspiceandsparkle.

 Meet Sydney, the blogger behind Simply Preppyy! You can find her website here! She blogs about fashion and her life. She is a high school student just doing what she loves! She's thrilled to be here talking about her blogging experience, and hopes she can give advice to anyone who needs it! She loves to feature her many shopaholic finds and her fabulous style! You can find her on Instagram at @simply.preppy.

Meet Paulina, the blogger behind Navy Striped Peonies! You can find her website here! She is a self-proclaimed type A, coastal lover, and high school student living in beautiful New England. She is a master in the art of organization and monogramming . Outside of blogging, Paulina loves to play tennis, practice yoga, use excessive amounts of sticky notes, and spread smiles. You can find her on Instagram at @navystripedpeonies 

Meet Allison, the blogger behind Because I Said So! You can find her website here! Allison is a Southern life+style blogger at Because I Said So-- it's a whole lot of sassy wrapped up in a pretty pink bow! She is a social media manager by day and a blogger by nights and weekends. She loves all things pink, a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and HGTV. You can find her on Instagram at @allison_ellzey.

Okay, now it's question time!

1) What is your favorite part about being a blogger?
Katie: I love blogging because of the relationships I have made. I have met so many wonderful girls who share the same passions as me. I have also gotten the opportunity to work with wonderful brands that I never would have guessed I could collaborate with! 

Paulina: I suppose the community would have to be my favorite. I love meeting people with the same goals and hobbies as me, especially those around my age! I feel like I have a whole group of "blogger" friends that I wouldn't have otherwise.

Allison: I love being able to connect and reach so many different people of different walks, backgrounds and locations! 

2) What's your favorite store to shop at?
Jenny: My favorite store is J. Crew!

Katie: Target - all day, every day!

Allison: I love to "window-shop" at Pottery Barn and find similar home items at Target!

3) What is your go to outfit?
Jenny: My go-to accessory is a pair of pearl earrings. I wear them nearly every day.

Sydney: My go to outfit is a vest, jeans and Bean Boots. My go to accessory is my rose gold watch!

Allison: I rarely go anywhere without rings and a god bracelet stack (which currently includes a Tory Burch Fit bit cover and a few dainty gold bracelets)

4) What's your favorite thing to do to relax?
Sydney: I love scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest. I also love to read, a good book and a cup of tea makes me relax instantly.

Paulina: Read other blogs. After a long day I love to come home and click through my list of favorite blogs, reading and catching up on posts.

Allison: Wine. Bubble bath. Netflix.

5) How do you balance work or school and blogging?
Katie: Balancing blogging with a full time job is challenging. When I was in school it was also hard bu I think it's even more difficult now. But when you love something you make time for it, whether it's late at night or on the weekends, I find time to make my blog happen.

Sydney: It's hard to balance it all. I find it best just to make some time out of my day, sit down and write.

Paulina: Not easily, I'll tell you that. I spend most of my weekend crafting scheduled posts for the following week. During the actual school week the only blog writing I do is for Friday's "Fridays Few" post which is pretty quick to do. I am super scheduled, I have agendas for both school and blogging. I could tell you right now what my post will be 2 weeks from now, along with when I am going to write it.

6) What is the biggest fear you've had to overcome while blogging?
Jenny: The biggest thing I've had to overcome while blogging is to stop comparing myself to other people. It made me feel so much happier with m blog and my growth.

Sydney: The ability to be myself. I was always so scared that someone I knew would see what I write and post. It took me a while to realize that it was cool. What I do is so different from everyone else. I have learned to embrace it and really love it.

Allison: My biggest fear has been getting negative feedback-- like from trolls and mean girls. Fortunately, that hasn't happened yet, but it really could happen anytime I think I'll be okay with it! After all, you can't please everyone.

7) And lastly, any advice for new bloggers?
Jenny: My advice for new bloggers is to not focus on the numbers and to focus on the content you're creating. If you create amazing content, your blog will eventually flourish.

Katie: My advice for anyone who wants to start blogging would be to do your research BEFORE you start. Take the time to set up the right type of website, social media, and email list so that once you start you can take off quickly. Patience is key because blogging is not something that gives you overnight success/fame.

Paulina: Persevere. In those initial stages of setting up a site and building readers, It's hard. It can be discouraging when things don't look exactly how you want, or you feel like no one is reading the content you work hard to produce. I promise, it get's easier! Connect with fellow bloggers in a network and use them as your support system. I actually have a whole post about it here!

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