Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Walk in the Woods

I decided to take my boyfriend into the woods by my house and show him the cute little stream that runs back there. I may have had ulterior motives (I wanted him to be my photographer...) but we still had so much fun! I even got take a few pictures of him and I can't wait to show ya'll my beau! My necklace means a lot because my cousin Rachael surprised me and got it for me for my graduation.

It really bothers me that my necklace is a little crooked haha!

And that my shoes are muddy from walking on the trails... Lesson learned! Always bring a pair of flip flops to walk in :)

And yes that is my purse and dunkin behind me... I am a coffee addict!

I think my boyfriend was annoyed with taking like a hundred photos of me.. oh well what else is he for? ;)

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