Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's in my bag?

Hey everyone! I've had a lot of questions lately about what I carry around in my purse (aka what makes it 10 pounds.. not even joking) so I decided to do a blog post about everything in it!And to make things a little bit easier for ya'll I'll even include the links on where to buy everything.

For starters, I have a large Tory Burch york tote. With my credit card when I spend money I get points, and so I had a $50 gift card to Saks Fifth Avenue, and if you sign up with your email you get 10% off! So it was originally over $325, I got it for only $225.

1) I carry around two pairs of sunglasses at all times. I never know which one I'll want to wear at a specific time. If its a more casual outfit I tend to lean towards the wayfarers, and when it's a more put together outfit I wear my aviators. I actually have croakies on them because I have an irrational fear of them falling off and loosing them! (Probably because I've lost a pair already...)

2) At any given time I'm carrying around a ton of jewelry. Mostly it's from me taking it off and throwing it in my purse, but sometimes I just throw in a watch if i'm in a rush! I have a few key pieces I wear almost every day, so they're always in my purse. I wear my Kendra Scott Shaylee Pendant necklace with literally almost any outfit. It seriously dresses up any outfit. I usually layer it with one of my monogram necklaces. The best part about the Kendra Scott necklace is it has a super long chain so it's perfect for layering. I wear a watch every single day, and since I just got this watch (Thanks baby!) i've been wearing it almost every day.

3) I'm being super adventurous right now and walking around caseless on my iPhone, I think its so pretty naked! Fingers crossed I don't go and drop it now! Just to be on the safe side I do carry around a phone case in case I want to throw it on if I think I might drop it. And also, I suck suck suck at charging my phone. I'll charge it overnight but won't charge it at all during the day so it's constantly dying! I randomly bought this mobile charger at Walmart for about $15 I think and it's seriously a life saver. 

4) I got this super cute cosmetic bag from this little kiosk in the Annapolis Mall, I thought the crabs were so cute! I use it as a little "emergency kit" to stockpile some stuff that comes in handy. I have deodorant (yes I do use mens deodorant. I sweat. Like a lot) a ton of chapstick since I always seem to lose them, nail polish (you never know when you'll have a lot of time to paint your nails) a lot of hair ties because lets face it, I lose them all the time, and a little baby thing of shampoo. You'd be surprised at how often I use this. Not pictured is a little baby bottle of lotion! Seriously, I use that multiple times a day.

5) This one is a no brainer, my b-e-a-utiful kate spade wallet. I love it because it opens up and has a ton of room for cards which I really need. 

6) Again, another no brainer, but my keys. I use to have a lilly inspired monogram keychain but I just took it off to get it replaced! You can get it Here! I love this super cute key fob, it's actually from the pink crab in Annapolis. I don't think it's available anymore, but I linked some super cute ones I love as well!

 7) Lastly, I always keep a magazine or two in the middle compartment. Whether you're waiting to meet someone, on a bus, or just killing time have a magazine is perfect. Every time you go through it there's always something you missed. And let's face it, I could read the funny stories in it a million time and always laugh.

We'll that's what I have in my purse! There's generally a few receipts in there from Chick-fil-A and whatever latest thing I've bought but I figured you guys didn't want to see those!

What do you guys have in your purse? Tell me in the comments! 

I've compiled links of everything I have in purse so it's easy for you guys to shop them!


  1. I'm dying for the York tote. I do the same thing and save up for rewards for big purchases!

  2. Much more organized than the backpack I always carry around!