Monday, February 23, 2015

Cruising Essentials

I got a really exciting call from my mom today, my grandmother officially booked our summer vacation! This year we're going to... drum roll please. Puerto Rico! We're going on a caribbean cruise from Puerto Rico and then headed back to Miami! I love these vacations because they always fall on my birthday! I've spent my two out of three birthdays in a different country, how cool is that? 

This year is really cool, because I'm crazy  lucky and get to go on THREE different cruises! I'm going on a spring break cruise with my roommate and our boyfriends, then my mom and grandma are going on a graduation cruise with me, and then the Puerto Rico cruise! After this summer I'll have been on 6 cruises, one might say I consider it a sport. :) So I decided to make this post about my cruise necessities and where you can find them.

1) Sunglasses
After all, the sun is hotter on cruises! Whether you're laying by the pool or playing put put, sunglasses are a necessity. My favorite are my aviators or wayfarers from Ray-Ban. Buy them here.

2) A pair of fun printed shorts
Cruises are all about fun, so why not pair it with a fun pair of printed shorts. I just got a pair and I. Am. Obsessed. They're from J. Crew and on sale right now for $34.50! Buy them here.

3) A tote bag
One of the best parts of a cruise is the pool on the top floor, after all everyone needs ​a little sunshine! Having a tote is perfect for holding your towel, sunglasses, book, whatever you like to enjoy by the pool! My favorite is the Vineyard Vines Tote.

4) Jack Rogers
I don't know what I would do without my Jack Rogers, I wear them 5 days of the week in the summer. I'm a huge fan of my classic platinums, but I just got this gorgeous pair and I can't wait to break them in. Unfortunately they aren't available in stores anymore, but make sure to try eBay.

5) Rainbows
The times when you're not dressed up on a cruise is when you're poolside, and rainbows are perfect for that. They're a pain to break in but when you do, they're hands down the most comfortable shoes in the world. The best part? You can dress them up or down. The best place to get them is Nordstrom's.

6) A good book
This is vastly overrated when people go on vacations! They're so excited to hang out at the pool, that they forget what they're going to do while relaxing at the beach! My current read is Hollow City! Go to your local Barnes & Nobles and pick up the book you've been eyeing, it's okay to indulge! 

So these are my cruise essentials, what are yours? Follow me on Instagram and let me know what your favorites are!
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